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Our Story

In early 2024, DHP Founders Ken Tisdel and Kris Carlson were approached by a close friend who had a family member who had fallen victim to online child exploitation. Ken and Kris conducted the investigation, identified the perpetrator, and prepared the case for prosecution at no charge to the family.

As civilians, they were unable to issue warrants, so they needed a law enforcement agency within the State of Texas to take on the case, perform the required search warrants, and meet the requirements of the courts for a criminal case. All the evidence had been gathered and documented, and the case only needed the formalities of warrants being executed so it could go to trial.

The partners contacted at least five local and federal agencies, including the Office of the Attorney General’s ICAC Unit, to pick up the case.

To their frustration, NO AGENCY was able to take on the case even with a known and identified Suspect AND Victim, even with their law enforcement contacts, previous roles within ICAC, and the urging of a US Congressman. The victim was turned away by every computer crime unit approached in the state because no agencies were prepared or able to take on the case due to a lack of resources.

The victim never received justice in this matter and was, in fact, re-victimized by every agency that failed her due to the lack of resources available.

That's why we founded The Digital Haven take action and help prevent this story from repeating over and over again...
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The DHP & Law Enforcement: Uniting to Protect Futures and Combat Child Exploitation

Our Vision

A world where every child can live free from the fear of exploitation and trafficking, supported by a united front of seasoned professionals equipped with cutting-edge forensic technologies and expertise. Our vision is to close the gap between evolving digital crimes and the resources available to fight them, ensuring that no case goes uninvestigated due to a lack of funding, resources, or forensic capabilities. Through collaboration, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of justice, we endeavor to create a safer future for all.

Sand Dunes

Leveraging retired computer crimes detectives and special agents, funded by private donations, to bring justice to the most vulnerable left behind by limited government resources.

Our Mission

To enhance the capacity of law enforcement and prosecutors in combating child exploitation and human trafficking through the provision of expert computer forensic investigation services at no cost. Leveraging the expertise of former law enforcement computer crimes detectives and forensic examiners, we commit to equipping our partners with the tools and insights needed to identify offenders and hold them accountable, thereby contributing to the protection of vulnerable populations and the promotion of justice.


Integrity and Professionalism: We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards, ensuring transparency, honesty, and excellence in every aspect of our work. Our experience in the criminal justice system has instilled a deep respect for the rule of law and the importance of meticulous, thorough, and unbiased investigations.

Our Values

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